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Snob for Scented Soy Candles

scented soy candles

Yes, I am a snob for scented soy candles. I remember this one time when I was younger and invited to dinner at our neighbor’s house back in my old neighborhood. I can’t say I went to their dinner invite willingly, but let’s just say that I had a big old crush on Mr. Avery…but that’s not what we are talking about here. That night, I remember asking, as I was slurping down overcooked penne, “You guys have nice smelling candles” – and suddenly there was a loud & long silence which was broken by Mrs. Avery announcing in a very snotty tone, “these are SOY CANDLES!” It spooked me a little how cold and shocked she was that I would dare call her fancy shmancy candle, just a “candle” but I kept my head down and focused on my mushy penne. Fast forward to today and my snobby soy candle addiction! Thanks Mrs. Avery….and thank you Mr. Avery (wink wink).

Scented Soy Candles

Did you know that the United States is ranked as the number one producer of Soy Candles in the world? It’s true, I read it on the interwebs! But, before I fill your ears with all there is to know about soy candles, let’s just acknowledge that buying anything related to soy, helps hardworking famers (see, you’re doing a good deed by buying soy candles!).  Now, tell me honestly that how many times have you or your loved ones have had to get up from a candle lit dinner to switch out candles? Or how many times when you were about to get into something “steamy and naughty” someone had to go get new candles? Well, here is a secret, soy candles burn longer than most other types of wax candles. It’s time to bid farewell to those “quickie” candles and get your hands on some scented soy candles!

I could go all day about how soy candles are superior to other candles…after all, I am a soy candle snob. Ever get Cock Teased by a soy candle? Yeah, for the first time in your life, the first thing your dirty mind thought was absolutely right. You might be sitting on your rolling chair and sipping on your hot chocolate mocha thinking about ways to make him or her want you more, right? Well, honey it is time you spice things up. Light up the flirty and seductive Cock Tease soy candle to get the taste of what “wanting more” is all about. If this isn’t the side of life you’re looking for, then a Drunk Uncle or Global Warming soy candle could be what you are looking for. You probably have tried gifting a long list of things to your exes (and we know it didn’t work out), try our hot and seductively scented soy candles and see how it works out for you. On a side note, can you imagine what would have happened if I had given Mr. Avery one of these soy candles? I bet he would of loved the Leather Daddy scented candle.