About Us

Welcome to Crass and Crude Gifts!

If you’re looking for lame novelty gifts for boring people, forget about it. Searching for candles that are a major kick in the pants? Welcome to our world. Step right in! Crass and Crude Soy Candles and Gifts exists to put an end to the vapid pleasantries that have existed for decades in the gift giving game. We’re bringing the most epic products made with all of the fresh smelling funk we can fit into a jar and that funk is oh so lovely.

Want to know what to expect from Crass and Crude Gifts? Well, buckle up hombre – because we’re going on this ride together. Check out these words: Homemade. Unique. Craftsmanship. Funny. Crass and Crude Gifts are all those things and more. As a matter of fact, our products are some of the most aromatically pleasant and funniest products on the planet earth. Imagine that? Because it’s true – it’s damn true.

So, step right up, because these candles, soaps and bad-ass gifts are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Hilarious conversation starters that are actually high-quality products. Whether you are looking for the perfect gag gift, bridal shower gifts, groomsman gifts, or simply like to make one helluva statement with your gift giving or decor, we have everything you need!

Our candles make great basket stuffers. Add things like handcuffs, leather whips, a bottle of Jim Beam or anything your twisted personality desires. Have the perfect saying or scent you want to create ? Contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a custom order!

We’re crass. We’re crude. But it’s never rude – to give a gift this good.